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Quirk Classics Gothic Romance Meets Zombies, Sea Monsters, Androids and Steampunk

It began when Seth Grahame Smith’s introduced Jane Austen to zombies in ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’. Quirk Classics has become the new buzzword in literature. Classic Gothic romance marries with zombies, sea monsters, androids and steampunk. In less time than it takes a monster to get you, Quirk Classics has fire-worked to #1 on the New York Times best seller list.
And the zombies aren’t content to terrorize Jane Austen heroes and heroines. Oh no. Now they’re taking on Toltsoy’s Imperial Russia. Ben H. Winters has penned a new Quirk Classics for us to shiver over. Zombies have joined forces with androids in Android Karenina (aka Anna Karenina). Along with the usual Zombie mayhem and destruction, andriods bring space age steampunk technology to Georgian/Victorian Europe. I fear for The Brothers Karamazov and Uncle Vanya.

Meanwhile the dead don’t remain dead back in merry old England. Austen’s heroines face a new threat from the Atlantic deeps. Just when they’d vanquished a crop of zombies in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Dawn of the Dreadfuls (Steve Hockensmith), sea monsters beset the village lasses in Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters (Ben H. Winters). Just when you thought it was safe to invite Mr. D’Arcy to dine without sitting on rotted limb instead of a petit point sampler, you must start worrying about tentacles in the tea.

Where these purveyors of preternatural peril at Quirk will take us next in these voyages in gothic terror, I shudder to think. The Borgias of Medieval Itally? Lucretia could kick some zombie rear and theres’ always the poison goblet. Or how about Hugo’s Inspector Javert? He’s one scary dude without zombie influence. Oh I know, what about von Goethe’s Doctor Faustus? Imagine zombies teaming with Mephistopholes for Gretchen’s soul? Or Heathcliff and Catherine-those two are pretty hag-ridden already? They’d be ripe for a zombies plucking!

For lover’s of Gothic horror, visit the Quirk Classics website here. For lovers of interactives, there’s even a PPZ game to play.