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Facebook is turning to be like twitter

Social networking is now revamping the publishing and even on its privacy setting. It entirely provide an ultimate control towards the users who will be seeing the status update that includes the messages that been post in the wall or even on the uploaded photos. The essence of this Facebook system change is to encourage the Facebook users to forego sharing their messages to a wide range of area across the globe rather than in the group setting that just been approve by the user only or considered as group of friends. With that, Facebook is already increasingly emphasizing their real time factors towards their social networking even in the midst of microblogging competition services especially on Twitter.

As of now, Facebook is already on go of providing much focus and emphasis the real time factors of this social networking even in the midst of microblogging service competition especially Twitter. In which, this Twitter stream of real timing messages can be viewable to every people in order to attain currency as one way of finding quickly the latest discussion towards a certain and particular topic. For about 200 million individuals are actively using the Facebook and sometimes mostly provided essential resources for an actual time news updates. With the changes of system that Facebook provided, this content that been provided by several users can now become widely available for everyone to see or refer on.

With this new feature, the Facebook users can now select to have some piece of uploaded content that are located on the news stream which are viewable to Everyone. It means that anyone can be able to view it whether log on or not in the main page of Facebook. On its separate announcement last Wednesday, Facebook already unveiled their feature in order to allow the website to host the live events that includes musical concerts in order to incorporate the actual time comments that been made by the Facebook users. This new Live Stream Box feature that is already part of Facebook Connect program entirely means that the Web site are now able to add the Facebook conversations through inserting some few lines of codes towards their sites.

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