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The song entitled “preamble” by the Schoolhouse Rock group basically tries to tell the people about the origin of the country and mostly on the U.S. Constitution. There are several principles and values which the performer assumes the whole audience share and they include: religion, respect, culture, personal freedoms and rights like those of speech, association/assembly, equal justice, amongst other many freedoms, and patriotism. Other principles shared by the listeners include the rule of law, the respect to the country as well as the constitution and recognition of the other people’s rights and justice. This is so because the performer is seen to stress the backbone of the constitution which is observing and protecting the interests of all the citizens through defense, justice, and freedoms.

The piece contains persuasive message in that it pleads with the audience to get themselves accustomed to the country and more so to the U.S. Constitution and its origin. “Hey, do you know about the U.S.A.? Do you know about the government? Can you tell me about the Constitution? Hey, learn about the U.S.A.”

The suitability of airing such massage is to try and educate the audience on the origin of the country’s liberty and the tale is absolutely accurate in that it makes use of the constitution in referring to the introduction part of it. The message contained in the piece still holds up to date and make use of colored pictorials so that it fits to the present audience.

The great American melting pot refers to the way America was first formed by immigrants from heterogeneous backgrounds coming to the country and later the cultures and societies melting together or assimilating to form a more homogenous American society. There are several principles and values which the performances presume the audience shares and they comprise of: melting pot, ethics, exploration, hospitality, freedom, and traditionalism. The performer tries to show how immigrants integrating into the American society were straight forth since the society was accommodating and had the it is foundation cemented on liberty. “…They’d heard about a country where life might let them win…”

There is a convincing message in the piece which tries to tell the audience how the American multiculturalism came into existence and how peace and perseverance of the inhabitants of America helped in building a wonderful nation. It didn’t matter the immigrant’s color or origin but they were easily integrated into the melting pot together with their respective cultures.

The tale is to a great extend not true since it fails to mention the inhabitants who were already settled on the land and more so of the indentured servants and slaves who had been stolen, kidnapped and forced by the colonial master to immigrate. The omission of these inhabitants and black people who in essence helped a lot in building the nation makes the story untrue and misleading. Therefore, the tale doesn’t hold up to the expectations of everyone since it is supposed to narrate or rather show the correct events which led to the building of the great nation and would add the role the Blacks played in building the nation.

The speech by Barrack Obama with regard to creating a more perfect union America portrayed many major celebrated values across the nation and they include: consciousness, ethics, hopefulness, unity, caring, generosity, decency, compassion, and care. All these values would ensure that the society moves towards becoming a perfect union where everyone respected each other’s freedoms and rights, culture, and origin amongst others. Moreover, he addressed about the sufferings in the country comprising of shocking climate change, failing economy, persistent healthcare predicament, and terrorist threats and pointed out how ethics in politics would help in propelling the country towards a more perfect union.

There are noted similarities between Obama’s speech and the segments of the America Rocks since both have the audiences sharing comparable principle and values. For instance, both possess ethics, unity, caring, freedom, generosity, hospitality, and hopefulness amongst others. They both make references to the onset of the American nation and how the constitution helped unite the multifaceted societies within the country. The America rocks segments make reference to the origin of the American nation while the Obama’s speech bond the two histories in that puts the content surrounding the birth of the country to present and reveals how contemporary racism is disintegrating the society instead of uniting it. More so, he makes reference to the Blacks and slaves, a phenomenon which is absent in the segments of the American rocks.

The values which the contemporary American culture holds today include: unity, decency, ethics, consciousness, and compassion. These values are expressed in our daily lives whereby for instance, during games and sports like in the basketball, football where players interact freely with lots of decency, consciousness, compassion, and high levels of ethics regardless of their backgrounds or skin color. Also, these values are expressed during national or even state charities were citizens come together and make donations to assist some community members who are underprivileged or those affected by calamities such as hurricane sandy whereby we saw people from all walks of life come in and help despite their racial affiliations or background.

The American rocks were produced during the 1960s to 1970s and during that period the American society was still experiencing racial segregations, disunity amongst communities, breaching of individual freedoms and lack of patriotism but these cultural values have changes drastically over the years. For instance, individual rights and freedoms are more respected as of to date and more so the constitution is followed to the latter. Unity has set in across the country as segregations on the basis of people’s background and race was eliminated through public awareness and people growing more decent and compassionate.

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