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Dreamoc: The forefront of 3D Holographic Projection

With 3D holographic projection hitting the news recently with Tupac’s revival at the Coachella music festival last month, there is no better time to take an in depth look at holographic projection and one of the products at the forefront of an industry that is expected to receive a lot more coverage in the near future. Holograms as we know are not a new innovation, but with speculation on the possibility of a tour for Hologram Tupac opening the doors for even greater opportunities such as artists being able to perform in front of several clouds simultaneously or a football match being played in front of several full stadiums it is a technology that we should all start to get used to.

Dreamoc is a display kiosk with a difference, its 3D projection allows the holographic images within it to jump and captivate audiences whilst also allowing them to interact with the images on display. At first glance the Dreamoc is a normal display unit, the triangle shaped glassing gives it a futuristic look but besides that there is nothing out of ordinary with the Dreamoc, that is until its 3D holographic projection images are displayed, at which point the Dreamoc is transformed in to a centre piece for any exhibition stand or home.

Originally designed for brands to showcase their offerings to consumers, the Dreamoc certainly offers a point of differentiation from other forms of marketing mediums. The Dreamoc is ideal for maximising customer engagement by showcasing products whether in retail outlets or at exhibitions. With the excitement currently surrounding holographic projection the Dreamoc has also found a new market within homes. The Dreamoc, although costly is seen as the perfect alternative to add something different to a home and a wonderful way to display photos and moving images in 3D. With multi touch screen technology now all around us in the form of tablets, phones and in other forms from the supermarket to the train station many are expecting 3D projection to make the leap in to our everyday lives.

The 3D content displayed by the Dreamoc can be in the form of images, text descriptions or videos, all of which can be tailored to your event, product or home. Although only expected to be taken up by early adopters at the moment and maybe too early for many one point that can’t be denied is the fact that the Dreamoc is at the forefront of the 3D holographic projection industry, an industry we can expect to see a lot more of in the future.

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