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Downpour of Criticisms at Justin TV for Broadcasting a Suicide Live

As El Confidencial assured today the Internet has once again shown its greatness to be globalised and free of regulations. But it also has bad points too. We have been able to verify this by checking the grief caused by the American teenager, 19 year old Abraham K. Biggs who was incapable of adapting to those around him and who was affected by bipolar, decided to end his life. Biggs was sad news because he did a live broadcast of his death where you were able to see the large quantity of poison being consumed online at Justin TV, a portal where videos can be broadcasted live without any type of previous modification.

The witnesses of the death of the teenager are assured that he laid down on his bed after being assured that he was taking antidepressants and other anxiety pills in industrial quantities with only a webcam to accompany him. Nobody believed that Biggs could do this because he was a teenager who joked around. Nevertheless the alarms were raised hours later when the spectators saw that Abraham wasn’t breathing. Immediately the police were warned who know where the body was, they could see the images of the police entering and the death of the teenager and for a few hours everyone could see.

His parents have not delayed in announcing the insensitivity on the portal on one hand, and on the other hand the apathy of the witnesses of the death who shouldn’t have seen the death on a live broadcast. As it is usually tragically regular in these cases, the teenager warned of his intentions a day before in a forum of bodybuilders and he included the link of the website where his death would be filmed.

Before the downpour of recent criticisms, the person responsible of Justin TV Michael Seibel confirmed that a policy exists about the content of published videos and that the users are warned about the use of inappropriate videos, a system that works well and is extended on the Internet but in this case missed the seriousness of it. Fundamentally no one took his suicide seriously.

Greatness and miseries of the network live together side by side. On the one hand there were the users of Justin TV who despite being late, warned the authorities of the suicide but on the other hand messages exist that are amazed by the insensitivity and lack of humanity by seeing the death of the poor boy and in which messages can be read such as “the video is very boring”. Rest in peace.

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