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WordPress.com Rolls Out New Vertical for Educationalists

Almost everyone today has heard about WordPress. In fact, many of us use the site as a blogging platform. The site itself has undergone many new changes over the past year. Recently, WordPress. Com, (which is the completely hosted version of the management system of WordPress) began introducing new verticals. These new verticals were made for a certain type of site. More specifically, they catered to a certain category of sites. For example, there were verticals for personal portfolios, restaurant sites and personal home pages for musicians.

The company continues to focus on other sectors and this is evident by their new vertical which was launched last month. This time, WordPress has focused on the field of education. Schools are also fast jumping on to the bandwagon of the internet and all that it has to offer. WordPress seems to have cashed in on this and decided to launch a new vertical for schools and teachers. The officials at the company have kept all points in mind while designing this new vertical. They are aware that parents and schools will not be okay with the idea of sharing all their information, or making all the school information available for public viewing. Therefore, this new vertical comes with complete password protection. The beauty of this is that there is an option so that the school can make each page password protected.

This new vertical from WordPress will not appear very different from the way teachers normally write on a blackboard. This is because the page is part of what the company calls a Chalkboard theme. The main page of the Chalkboard them will have different subtitles such as:-


A. A Parent Page focused themes that it has on offer as well. Chalkboard is easy to use and can be considered a boon for educators the world over. Remember that Chalkboard is WordPress’s first foray into the education business and they are making sure that there are no stones left unturned where this is concerned. The company has stated that there are solutions and ideas for whatever the school wishes to post to the parents about. So whether the school needs to inform the parents about the next open house or examination schedule or even various projects, it can simply make use of the resources on the site to do so. B. WordPress hopes to help teachers create new and interesting websites for their classes. Visual representation goes a long way in helping children learn and this is what WordPress is hoping.


HTML elements

Image Alignment and Styles


WordPress is keen to highlight other education their Chalkboard will achieve. This new vertical is available at WordPress.com and promises to be a great tool for teachers everywhere.

This new platform by WordPress is sure to be welcomed by educators as it boasts of flexible themes. Educators also have the option of posting information that can be easily accessed by both parents and pupils of the school. Custom posts will make it even easier for teachers to get across information to the students.

As mentioned earlier, WordPress has been launching many new verticals over the last few months. The new Chalkboard theme just goes to show that the company is moving with the times. It also establishes the fact that WordPress is moving on from being just an ordinary blogging platform. The company is aspiring to even greater heights. WordPress with its custom posts and theme engine which offers flexibility has now become a good content management system. With more and more people using the new verticals offered by it, it has grown beyond a mere blogging platform.

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