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Wix Review

When it comes to online website builders, we haven’t heard more about any one platform than Wix. It’s intuitive interface, drag-and-drop appeal, and general charm have made it one of the preferred methods of site building using an online tool. We’ve seen everyone from first year college students to our own family members using Wix as it comes with a load of hype and a thick reputation to its name.

But does the site really match up to all of the credit that it’s built? To find that out, we’ll need to dive pretty deep into the heart of thing, pulling up whatever can be found there. So if you’ve been waiting for an in-depth, professional review of the site, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got one all prepped-up and ready to go, just beyond the break. So without further ado, may we present to you now our full and no holds barred review of Wix, one of the most popular website building tools!

Wix – create stunning websites for free!

Drag&drop website builder

Unlimited storage available

24/7/365 support

Anytime money back

FREE – $24.90/month


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As we mentioned earlier, Wix uses an intuitive interface to allow its customers to drag and drop design elements into place. All of this is backed by a truly monstrous number of templates and designs that already exist within the system. The user simply picks a motif, and Wix fills and creates the necessary forms. From there, the user can adjust the text, the color, the location of photos, etc. until they are fully content with everything that’s on the page. When that’s done, the site is automatically hosted directly from within the Wix framework. In this way, Wix users never have to worry about finding web hosting of their very own.

One of the cooler elements to the Wix package is the fact that it’s never been easier to drag and drop complex elements like an RSS feed. The site makes it incredibly simple to add these portions to your site. Considering we used to spend hours and hours hard coding these into place, it’s a welcome turn of events. Still, our major concern with Wix is the same concern we have with most online site builders: The level of control that we have over our site is simply too restricted. As with most, we cannot export our site outside of Wix for use elsewhere, making it more of an all-in-one hosting experience, rather than a quick and dirty site builder.


Like a lot of site builders out there today, Wix offers a paid and free edition of its services. Under the free heading we have the Free Account, which earns users an unlimited number of templates, hosting, Google Analytics, 500 megabytes of storage, and 500 megabytes of bandwidth. It’s not bad, all things considered. You will have to suffer through Wix advertisements, though, unless you’re willing to step things up to the MyDomain package.

This next tier of pricing gives you the same unlimited access to templates, but it also affords you an advert-free experience. If you’re actually looking to create a site that will make you money—or advance your blogging name—there’s really no way around paying to remove the adverts. Aside from that you’ll get the same 500 megabytes in disk space and bandwidth. However, the plan will only cost you $4.95 a month.

We’ll skip right to the top end, that way you can get a good feel for the services that Wix offers. At the top of the line tier, you’ll be paying a solid $24.90 a month, which is just about ridiculous for any hosting plan. With that money you’ll have no advertisements, shopping cart functionality, premium support, some SEO support out of the box, and whopping 2.5 Gigabytes of disk space with 5 gigabytes of bandwidth. All in all, it’s a rather expensive package for not a lot of gain over a traditional hosting environment. That being said, if Wix is the only way that you know how to design a website, it might in turn be a real bargain. We’ll leave that decision with you.

Overall Roundup

At the end of the day, Wix is perhaps one of the slickest and simplest website builders that we’ve seen so far. That being said, it’s not exactly the most freeing. The design process could not be simpler, but when the quick hits the bone, the prices are too high, the functionality too restricted, and the overall appeal somewhat lacking. If Wix is what you’re used to using, and you don’t want to try another platform, then stick with. If, however, you’re looking for a new website builder, we’d suggest you maybe look elsewhere before settling here. That’s our opinion anyway.

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