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Google Ad-words

What’s the Big Deal About Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is Google’s main source of advertising revenue and what revenues they have been! Google made $21 billion US in 2008. There are two main types of advertising with this model. These include site-targeted ads and pay-per-click ads. These ads are kept very short and are proven to be very effective.


The first step in starting with AdWords should always be creating compelling content. If you don’t have informative and useful content, getting visitors to your site will be pointless because they sure won’t be staying. Keep your information relevant, interesting and fresh. That’s the most important thing to understand.

The second step is to set up a Google AdWords account. This is very easy. Just head to http://adwords.google.com and hit the sign up button. There are two editions – the standard and the starter edition. Regardless of your experience, the standard version offers a lot more.

Your next step is to target your customers. Leave English as your language and head on into the next area. This is where you select the countries that will be able to see your ads. Traditionally, it’s best to pick English-speaking countries with higher disposable incomes. This list will include the United Kingdom, the Unites States, Canada and Australia. Don’t try to rewrite the system. Do what works.

Now it’s time to create your ad. Don’t bother being overly creative. Being relevant is what sells. List the features and benefits your target market is looking for. Use relevant keywords as well.

Choosing keywords is up next. Do not do this lightly. Pick keywords that are searched less but that are highly targeted to your specific audience. Highly searched keywords will be expensive and you might not win as often. Remember to use both the singular and plural versions of your keywords.

The last thing you’ll do is set your pricing. Do not make the mistake of putting in a price you simply can’t afford. Stick to your budget. Also, do not get into bidding wars! It’s simply not worth it in the long run. Next you’ll enter your daily figure and cost per click. Now you’ll be able to see your traffic estimator and make changes accordingly.

There are a few general tips that will help you once you’ve started your first campaign.

Keep an eye on your competitors. Watch what they’re doing and try to learn from their success.

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